Woman of My Dreams

by Raycroft

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I began writing "Woman of My Dreams" the day I found out Danielle was single (July 9th, 2015). I was in Kolkata, India, and we had not spoken in nearly three years. I was talking to my father over FaceTime when he told me that she had broken up with her then boyfriend. I was absolutely over the moon! After the call, I grabbed my guitar, and sang the words, "the woman of my dreams is gonna be my wife." Growing up, I always had this feeling that I was going to marry Danielle someday - now things were finally coming together! Very impatiently, I waited seven days to call her after I had heard the news. It didn't take long after our first call for me to show her what I had written. I initially thought we could write the song as a duet, and asked her to write some lyrics for what would have been her part. Danielle ended up writing the second chorus of the song, which I later let on that I was having trouble finishing. Unbeknownst to her, I had been hard at work drafting lyrics and melodies to create the perfect song to propose to her with. On December 19th, 2015, the Woman of My Dreams said, "yes!"

-The Luckiest Man on Earth, Jordan

Ps. we caught the whole thing on video: youtu.be/QwG7bvvNY6A?t=4m10s



I don't know if you think about me, but girl I think about you
I don't know if you even want me, but I know I want you

Can't you see, Love? You're the best that any man could get
All my songs, Love, could never fully describe that
Oh, but they don't matter now because
The woman of my dreams is gonna be my wife

Wrote you a letter, sealed it up, my heart on paper from Kolkata
I'm just checking in to say, 'that boy is not who I am today'

You see, Love, I didn't think you'd let me take your hand
But, thank God, Love, he's the maker of a better plan
Oh, and it's not over now because
The woman of my dreams is gonna be my wife

Three years have gone by since our eyes last met
Now I've come to realize that I can't live without you in my life
You know, I always dreamt someday you'd be my wife
Through the thick and the thin, when we both have wrinkled skin
I vow to always stand tall by your side
If tonight you promise me you'll be my wife

Can't you see, Love? God made me for you and you for me
And I know, Love, that we will make the perfect family
Oh, I love you so much, Woman of My Dreams
Woman of My Dreams, Woman of My Dreams, will you be my wife?



released August 18, 2016
Written & Arranged by Jordan and Danielle Raycroft
Produced & Recorded by Timothy Mann

Aaron Brown: Percussion
Danielle Raycroft: Vocals
Jordan Raycroft: Acoustic Guitar
Timothy Mann: Rhodes, Pedal Steel



all rights reserved


Raycroft Ontario

Husband-wife duo, crushing on each other since birth

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